Our Story

We are two kindred spirits, with a flare for creativity, a flavour for food and a passion for life, travel and loving each other. (We’re not as sickly as we sound…)

The idea for Bambi & Bear, blossomed much like our relationship; over wine and all at once.
Our first meeting was in one of our local bistro bars, if like me (Bambi), you’re a girl who’s ever been shamed and rejected (I’m not talking metaphorically) for how much you can eat then food on a first date becomes more like a stressful activity for avoidance, so I was pretty over the moon at the suggestion of one drink so we could ‘call it a night after one, if we didn’t get along’. Bragging about eating competitions I’ve watched grown men fail at while I victoriously and ever-graciously wipe the floor, or my chin with them isn’t for everyone, but it’s how I like to separate the boys from the men. So when this beautiful red-haired human (c’mon beards count too) sat opposite me and laughed at how much he’d love to see that; I knew this one was for keeps and so from our first encounter we have spent more-or-less every second of every day together since, eating mammoth portions of mouth-watering meals, exploring this beautiful earth we live on or just cooking-up some chaos in the kitchen.