Home Town – Bait

Bait Fish & Grill Restaurant We have never visited Bait before but being just around the corner from us, we decided we should. Plus after looking at the menu we was pleasantly surprised by the dishes on offer. This isn’t just your typical fish and chip restaurant… We visited Bait on Sunday lunch around 2pm. […]

Home Town – Craft Dough

Pizza by the meter, buckets of beer and the garlic bread dreams are made of We visited the restaurant on a Tuesday lunch time, around 1pm. There were a few tables of mixed groups sat eating and drinking when we arrived and the hum of atmosphere and background music. The decor is industrial chic, with […]

Elm Tree Aesthetics

Bambi’s morning at Elm Tree Aesthetics. Like many of us, I’m sure; my social media feeds are constantly overflowing with gorgeous glamazoids with their full-pouts hiding teeny teeth, and as a twenty-something I have been through my fair share of fad-diets, miracle products and masses, upon masses of MAC lip-liners trying to resemble a Jenner. […]

The snow never stopped us! Budapest, we thank you.

Birthday Budapest. In true Bambi & Bear fashion, arriving back in England post Tenerife had already given us the holiday blues, while our relationship was blossoming and our bank accounts were still strong; the looming of Christmas festivities, birthday celebrations, work obligations (and for those of us less-fortunate than to have a completely able-body) hospital […]

The Vegas of Tenerife…

Maybe not!  Ok, so it seemed necessary to dedicate this place with its own post, not only because it was pretty much our go-to for evening entertainment, (Hard Rock I salute your efforts but Mariah Carey tribute, come on, even she struggles to hit the high-notes these days…) but because it is a must for anyone visiting Tenerife. Unlike the rather-small sleepy […]

The mighty Fiat 500 vs Tenerife

Take to the roads… Once Bear was behind the wheel of our ever-masculine Fiat 500 the possibilities were limitless, or the height of a mountain and the width of a nudist beach… In true Bear fashion, our first outing was a little un-mapped, he basically pointed to the tallest peak in view and decided we […]

The Amazing Hard Rock Hotel – Tenerife

Our Hard Rock Haven, drinks and in-house date ideas. After a rather hazy Jet2 transfer to the hotel, which I’m told took thirty minutes, thirty minutes which felt like three… Three cheers for gin and juice! We were greeted upon arrival with a glass of fizz each and our bags were taken to our room. […]

So the spontaneity begins…

How it all began. After an exceptionally successful first date, which turned into hours poured over bottles, and plans to travel together as soon as possible (you’ll get used to our pace for ticking those boxes together) we thought a day-out would be the perfect start. Make that; a day out which extended immediately to […]