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Bait Fish & Grill Restaurant

We have never visited Bait before but being just around the corner from us, we decided we should. Plus after looking at the menu we was pleasantly surprised by the dishes on offer. This isn’t just your typical fish and chip restaurant…

We visited Bait on Sunday lunch around 2pm. There were a couple of other tables, groups of friends, dining too. Walking into the restaurant, it is very spacious, with lots of natural light to the front and various stylised lighting throughout. There are leather seated booths for groups of six or more, then larger tables with leather chairs to accommodate parties and groups, as well as those set for less. The restaurant is a very generous size and seems to be able to accommodate a large number of diners without being claustrophobic and chaotic.
The decor is natural rustic wood with nautical decoration which pays homage to Hull’s historic fishing industry, through the photos hung, quirky features like barometers and stylish lights and nets continued throughout the restaurant. Towards the back, beyond the bar is a snug area, designed for more intimate gatherings with fewer tables and dim, romantic candle lighting.

We chose starters of 500g of mussels, crab linguine and scallops to share. Our first comment when the food arrived was the portion sizes were perfect, scallops are usually my go to starter but I don’t think we have been served any that size in a restaurant before. But the generosity of the portions made no compromise for taste. It was all delicious. The accompaniments to each dish were perfectly balanced flavours and it was all beautifully presented. Every element of shellfish had a fresh taste of the sea, just as it should. The linguine had a little surprise heat to it which wasn’t overpowering at all and the crab meat was so succulent. We chose the mussels in a white wine, cream and garlic sauce, it was a thinner consistency, more of a bisque, but again delicately flavoured as not to overpower the main feature and the rustic toasted ciabatta was great for slopping up the juices.

For our second courses, I opted for the Sea Bass while Bear chose the lemon sole. The lemon sole was served whole, with its head in tact (as expected) while the seabass was two sizeable fillets. The potato stack served with the seabass of crispy potatoes, crab and onion was just delightful. The seabass skin was crisp, no soggy or greasy aftertaste while the fish inside was pull apart perfection, Bear said the same of the sole too. Neither of the dishes were overly seasoned and the taste of the sea freshness came through, without being too much. Bear’s side of potatoes were halved roasted baby potatoes which complimented the slight smoke of the fish while the added sprinkling of crab added a slightly sweet and extra depth of textures.

Absolutely stuffed; we shared a dessert of dark and white chocolate brownie, topped with ice cream. If you’re a lover of soft, gooey brownies this is the one for you! Made of dark chocolate without being bitter or too sweet, it had a similar texture to chocolate fudge cake and was just the right size!

Overall this venue excelled our expectations and we can’t wait to go back to try the lobster and oysters! We recently visited Loch Fyne in York and for a third of the cost, we have to say not only was the size of the seafood here substantially better but also the quality and flavours.

It is extremely affordable but the mid-week price fixed menu available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at £34 pp makes it an ideal location for any manner of occasions, dates, family gatherings or just an excuse for a great dining experience!

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