So the spontaneity begins…

How it all began.

After an exceptionally successful first date, which turned into hours poured over bottles, and plans to travel together as soon as possible (you’ll get used to our pace for ticking those boxes together) we thought a day-out would be the perfect start. Make that; a day out which extended immediately to a stay-over, as the first drink hit Bear’s idea zone.

It was lovely November, or as lovely as November in England can be, and the Christmas markets had hit Leed’s town square (which, we are still yet to experience together! Add that to the bucket list for next year…) since this idea was so spontaneous, we found ourselves three hours and five rounds deep at The Alchemist, realising we’d probably need to pick up some supplies (Thank the lord for Trinity and it’s larger than life Urban Outfitters and Selfridges’), I digress); but not until we visited one of our agreed favourites YO! Sushi. Now, I realise Yo! Is heavily criticised for its lack of ‘authenticity’ but Sushi bodes wonderfully for those of us who love finger, or chop-stick sized portions to indulge in numerous dishes without the hefty wastage and YO! has a relaxed and sociable air which makes it inviting whether you’re in the middle of a busy-shopping centre or a stand-alone restaurant. It’s great for a quick-bite or catching up with friends and unlimited pickled ginger really wins it for me. The ready-on the carousel (carousel always sounds fun!) and made-to-order dishes tick all of the boxes for speedy dining. The selection and quality of food for the price makes it unquibbable. Bambi’s save-the-people side does question its policies on expiration and wastage, couldn’t it be more ethically distributed throughout the community for example? But I suppose I should be grateful that I can admit it’s currently one of the few sushi restaurants I haven’t left feeling queezy.

Sushi consumed, shopping and make-over accomplished, (Thanks Trinity and Selfridges, you really do work wonders!) time to hit The Hilton Doubletree. Throughout our reviews you’ll come to realise we are both HUGE fans of the Hilton and not solely because of the fact I could be accused of being a closeted fangirl of the heiress, but there is literally never cause-for-complaint. While the DoubleTree resorts are more-often than not sleek, sky-lounging new builds, the hotels are always exceptionally stylish, the rooms are full of top-technology, the facilities are great and the staff- well, you get what you pay for! But one of the bigger perks for me, really is the Hilton Honours membership which includes both UK and International stays, because let’s be honest who doesn’t love a saving…Especially when it’s five star? Not to mention reciprocated with warm gooey cookies on arrival. Err, excuse us if we never leave.
The DoubleTree Hilton, Leeds, is located in a scenic-stylish urban-quarter of Granary Wharf overlooking the river. It’s minutes walk from the bustling centre itself but this little cove has some treasures of restaurants, bars and the all-you-can-eat, carved-at-your-table delights of FAZENDA. Call me crazy but a traffic light system of service, just seems like a dream; ideal if you’re a carnivorous couple such as Bear and I. This style of service allows you try an array of meat cuts from a variety of animals. Don’t overlook the entrée buffet either, this was packed with different breads, cold tapas meats, cooked and cold cheeses along with complimenting salads, sauces and sides. There is a two-hour table hold, however this doesn’t seem to be too heavily enforced and there aren’t any stares for never facing red up, all-in-all for £35 a person and an average of £25 for a bottle of wine, this is a romantic, affordable date night.

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